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One and Only Bar & Dining

Please enjoy our home cooked English and Japanese foods using high quality local ingredients.

Our dining room is open for dinner on request, offering handcrafted European and Japanese dishes.  We stock a range of wine, beer and sake to match your choice of food. We also serve packed lunches on request.


Mon – Fri: 7:30am – 9:00am

Sat – Sun: 8am – 9:30am


Dinner (upon request)

Mon – Sun: 5pm – 8pm


Bar  (upon request)

Mon – Sun: 5pm – 10pm

 MAKE A RESERVATION  - 019-4343-1394

​Our Philosophy of Food and Drink


One Tivoli place is more than somewhere to stay, it is a place where we are passionate about food.  Breakfast  sets the tone and outlook for all that follows. In recognizing this, breakfast should look right, smell good, it should be nutritionally healthy and should be wonderful to eat; above all, it should not be hurried. We offer various different breakfast options, ranging from traditional full English breakfast to a typical Japanese breakfast. 

What makes a great full English breakfast? English sausages are vital, and we are fortunate that Ilkley boasts one of finest butchers in the UK, the multi award-winning Lishman’s, famous for their Yorkshire Sausages. We have another excellent butcher, JB Wilkinson, who also offers terrifically good sausages. Here at One Tivoli Place, sausages from one or other of these outstanding butchers, will form the centre-piece of your full English breakfast, along with top quality bacon, tomatoes on the vine, plus a green veg, such as spinach, to give nutritional balance and a visually pleasing appearance. A skilfully poached egg, along with mushrooms and other elements, compete the picture.

As with any meal, the accompanying bread is critically important, and at One Tivoli Place, all of the bread is freshly made in-house. Our sourdough cobs are made with good quality flour and of course our home-cultured live yeast. The accompanying drink also plays a part, and we offer cafetieres with ground coffee or a pot of fine Yorkshire tea.



We are delighted to serve dinner on request or alternatively we are pleased to discuss the local restaurants and make recommendations. Dinner is the most important meal of the day; time should be made available to savour the food and the experience. We offer traditional English, European and Japanese dishes. Most people know about sushi, sashimi, curry rice, tempura and teriyaki. We also offer less well-known delights, such as gyoza, yakiniku, okonomiyaki and the exquisite sukiyaki.  Not all Japanese dishes have rice as a staple but many do. The quality of rice needs to be considered and it is widely known that it has a sticky quality. However, there is much more to it than that: the appearance (the shininess of the rice) the size of the grains and of course the flavour make a difference. We take special care in selecting our Japanese rice to offer a truly authentic experience.

Fish is a major part of Japanese food. Fish is so fresh and is handled so carefully that we are able to eat it raw as sushi or sashimi, which is the best possible way to eat. It is difficult to find a fishmonger in the UK that supplies sashimi-quality fish, but we are very fortunate to have an outstanding fishmonger nearby who supplies fish of the desired quality directly to us in perfect condition in their refrigerated van. 

The dinner experience depends on the drink as well as the food. It is nice to set the scene with a cocktail, which we will gladly make on demand. If you are eating a meal with red meat then we will be happy to supply a red wine of suitable quality; likewise, we will supply a white wine to accompany an English/European style dish containing fish. However, if you are eating sushi or sashimi, it is better not to drink wine (including white wine), as the flavour clashes with that of the fish. Instead, it is better to drink either beer or sake. We will supply locally-brewed bottled beer and/or we will supply a sake that has the right characteristics to accompany the particular sushi or sashimi being served. There is a huge variety of sake, ranging from sweet to dry, cheap to expensive and those that should be served cold and those that should be served at body temperature. We will be able to advise on the right choice to accompany your meal and to suit your budget.

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